No More Ads

Why has our society become more "sex crazed"?  Do we understand the root causes and are we (as followers of Christ) doing anything that deals with those root causes? There are ads that sell by simply informing you about the availability of a service.  But what percentage of ads sell something using sex as part of the ad? Many ads sell by creating a desire for something, and when sex is used to help sell things maybe that is also creating more sexual desires? Maybe the biggest influence on our society becoming more sex crazed are the multitude of ads?  Makes me wonder...  What about you?

I think the best thing we can do is to spend more time helping each other to avoid cluttering our minds to begin with.

Since about 1996 I've used the Internet a lot but I've mostly run my browser with images and flash off.  Here is the addon I've used for years in Firefox:

I can enable things when I need them (banking, purchases) but with everything off (including JavaScript) reading the news happens real fast and I never see the ads. 

New! On 26 Dec. 2014 I've gotten Firefox on my Android phone working pretty well.  Firefox Beta (v35) works with Mobile Image Blocker 1.0 (on main menu) and Toggle JavaScript Enabled Add-on 1.0 (on Tools menu).  Firefox (v34.0.1) loads both OK but I don't know where to turn on images when I want them?

What is television?

Started at the University of Michigan, Weather Underground has maps that display lightning and you can pay just $10 per year to turn off ads on all of the PCs (and phones) that you use.

Started in State College, Pennsylvania (guess what college), AccuWeather has no inexpensive way to eliminate ads on your PC.  I did purchase their Android app for a few dollars so there are no ads on my smartphone.

I've often read local newspapers online (with no ads).

A while back one of my news sources changed their web page so it no longer displayed properly with every thing turned off.  Since then I've used their mobile web page (intended for phones) on my desktop PC and it works well.

Services I've used in the past:

Covenant Eyes

Netgear Live Parental Controls (setup)

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