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God is awakening His people throughout the land!

LOVE - See 7 minutes from 1:42:47 time of this video from Friday evening April 21, 2017 (or watch more from 57:40 time).  Here is a video of the encounter (with Don).  This blog article covers the same topic.
REVIVE - See the first 2 links from Revive Florida (#2) below to see how churches are coming together

It isn't a single church with preaching services, but there are people from many different churches going out (in the morning and afternoon) to show people love.

This continues to happen in many regions of the United States.  Each of the four states below has a calendar on their page that shows when you can join with them!

1) Since January 12, 2015 Revive Indiana has been organizing prayer teams to go out and bless others. God's favor has rested on this effort as many have made decisions to be disciples of Jesus Christ, many have been healed, and many have found God's direction and voice. We eat together, pray together, go out together, and celebrate and worship together.

2) Since January 17, 2016 Revive Florida has been doing the same thing!  Four weeks in Sarasota (1/17-2/13) with two weeks in Bradenton and Palmetto (3/6-3/19).

Here is the Monday (2/1/16) evening service where in the last part (at 1:16:00 time) Kyle explains the 4 basic principles (love, listen, discern, respond). Here is the Tuesday (2/2/16) evening service where in the first part Kyle explains how to approach people, and then you can see how they split up into teams.  The colored wrist bands match up with the colors on the Bibles they give out.  This (splitting up into teams) is what happens every morning and afternoon (except Sunday), but that evening they did it a third time.

Engage Days 16-17 video where on Monday morning (2/1/16) Kyle meets two ladies and two dogs. Here is the Wednesday (2/3/16) evening service where in the last part (at 1:06:30 time) Kyle shows the second conversation with the Jewish lady (after her dog makes the second connection on Tuesday morning 2/2/16).

3) Since August 7, 2016 Revive Ohio has been doing the same thing!
Darke County - August 7-27, 2016
Auglaize County - October 9-15, 2016
Dayton - October 23 – November 4, 2016
Miami County - November 13–19, 2016
Mercer County - December 11-21, 2016

What a blessing to watch the first night (Oct. 9) in Wapakoneta, Ohio (very near where I grew up). The last night in Auglaize County (Oct. 15) was also very good (with teaching from Deut. 32:21 and Rom. 11:11 about making the Jews jealous).

I use Linux so this video of six times through this penguin place is awesome (too much alcohol is not awesome)!  The last evening in Miami county Kyle spoke about "the world" and this encounter (Eph. 5, Judges 6-7 where you must be broken to shine).

The Thursday and Friday Mercer county evenings (baptisms, videos and teachings) were very good!

4) Since April 16, 2017 Revive Texas has been doing the same thing!  Dallas Fort Worth : April 16 - June 4, 2017

It started in 2007 in Dallas.  Now what will happen as 1 church with 1 message praying for 1 at a time for 50 days in Dallas Fort Worth (7 million people)?

LOVE - See 7 minutes from 1:42:47 time of this video from Friday evening April 21, 2017 (or watch more from 57:40 time).  Here is a video of the encounter (with Don).  This blog article covers the same topic.

See time to revive especially the blog

The above all came to my (Paul Breneman) attention on 9 Feb. 2015 as I was searching to see where links to the books get published online.  I found this.

I attended Indiana four times and Ohio twice, and also the first week in Sarasota, Florida (which is where the Lord turned my life around 29 years ago).  In June 2015 (after Valparaiso, Indiana) I ask God to show me other places in the world where similar things were happening as in Indiana.  Within several weeks I attended a meeting where a young couple spoke about working at a refugee camp in Iraq the first half of 2015 (related link here).

I'd appreciate feedback and corrections on the information above.  My contact information is at the bottom of the main page.

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